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2022 – How to Become Emo in 10 Steps

The rise of emo culture in the 1980s was a way of life that young teenagers adopted to show their rebellious side to the general public. In fact, emo has its roots in the punk movement, which is well known for its particular ideologies. If you want to be a part of this great community, we’ve put together the top 10 steps to enhance your Emo side for the year 2022.

1st step : Understanding what Emo means

In order not to misinterpret it, it is important to know what emo really means. Being emo is not just about wearing dark clothes, listening to punk music or having long fringes, it is also a way of expressing your feelings and emotions. The emo subculture emerged in the 1980s through the punk music style that was popular among young people. In fact, the majority of emo fans are under the age of 30.

Step 2 : Select dark outfits

An emo outfit is usually mounted on a dark colour. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

A black t-shirt

For example, you can wear a black T-shirt with an “I’M SO EMO” print. This way everyone can see what you are passionate about.

Black cargo trousers

Cargo trousers can go perfectly with the emo look. You will be comfortable and in the mood at the same time.

Black boots

Top it off with black boots for a more gothic look.

Step 3: Break out the emo make-up

Make-up foundation to the rescue

To begin with, make-up foundation is the basis of all make-up. It also helps to blur any imperfections. In other words, the application of a make-up foundation is essential.

Apply eyeliner

Eyeliner and mascara are often used to give a dark, gothic feel to the face. A typical emo subculture makeup, this is an essential part of an emo makeup palette.

Switch to lipstick

The goal is to accentuate your lip without distracting from your eyes. A colour that matches your natural skin tone will do the trick.

Step 4: The mentality of an emo

Etymologically, emo is short for emotional. Thus, emo people are sensitive people who often let their emotions carry them. Emo is not only a style, but also a mentality and anyone can become one.

Step 5: Get emo accessories

A studded belt

An ever-present accessory in the wardrobe of an emo boy or girl, studded belts are the most suitable for their style. Offering a gothic touch to the wearer’s outfits, it is an exceptional piece. Available in a model for men, but also for women, all enthusiasts will have their say and will find their share of happiness.

emo belts

Go for a studded bracelet

Studded bracelets are timeless jewellery of the emo style. They offer a virile and intimidating image to the wearer. Wear accessories that can differentiate you from other emo leanings.

Step 6 : Attend emo shows

To become even more emo, you can go to a show of the emo band you like to listen to. This can greatly help you to become more integrated into the community, as you may meet new people who share the same interests as you.

Step 7 : Dye your hair

Dyeing your hair is also a classic emo style. If you’re ready to bring out your inner emo, don’t hesitate to dye your hair. The most common is black or platinum blonde. With your hair dye, you’ll be instantly recognisable.

Step 8 : Look after your hair

If you are passionate about emo style and want to adopt it, you will surely join the community easily with the layered haircut. A typical hairstyle with a fringe that flips to the side and hides one eye. It is one of the references of the community. A unisex haircut that suits both emo girls and emo boys.

Step 9 : Do some piercing

As the emo subculture becomes more and more popular, piercings are also becoming more popular. Getting a piercing is a hot trend if we’re talking about emo. The flagship model that emo fanatics are particularly fond of is the septum piercing. Indeed, it is the most common model in the emo culture thanks to the glamorous and daring look it can offer to the wearer. In addition, it is one of the most worn piercing styles in the world after the ear piercing, such as :

  • tragus piercing
  • helix
  • daith
  • rook
  • snug
  • etc

Step 10 : Listen to emo music

Emo music can sometimes be violent, but it still contains real emotions. For the average person it means nothing, but for the truly passionate it is a comforting music and sometimes it can express something that has already happened.  It is impossible to talk about emo culture without mentioning its musical genre, because emo is first and foremost a musical movement. Singers like Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker and jimmy Eat world express their emotions in the lyrics of their songs. There’s no better way to get into a real emo mood.

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