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    Black Moon Choker

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    Emo Best Friend Necklaces

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    Emo Cat Collar

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    Emo Cross Necklace

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    Emo Diamond Necklace

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    Emo Dog Collar

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    Emo Heart Choker

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    Emo Leash

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    Emo Necklace Chain

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    Emo Spike Choker Necklace

  • Giant Spiked Chokerlarge spiked choker

    Giant Spiked Choker

  • Owned CollarOwned Collar

    Owned Collar

  • Pentagram Chokerchoker pentagram

    Pentagram Choker

  • Razor Blade ChainRazor Blade Chain

    Razor Blade Chain

  • Skull ChokerSkull Choker

    Skull Choker



It’s the deciding factor. The necklace will complement any outfit, whether it’s a bold metal pattern or a slinky torque!

The Gothic style is as enigmatic and ambiguous as you may suppose. Needless to say, Gothic fashion and its jewelry sector are distinctive and different – we adore it for its dark aesthetic, shapes and forms that are sometimes feminine and sometimes purposefully androgynous, and, of course, its symbolism, which combines the best of several global cultures.

Nothing beats something exquisite, gothic, and sensual around a person’s neck. For ladies, men, and anybody else. A beautiful goth necklace may round out an otherwise fantastic goth ensemble. Think of the girl with the green ribbon… Nothing says exquisite (but a touch dark) like a piece of jewelry around the neck.

Get your goth on with some of the best goth necklaces we have curated for you, There are several styles of Gothic crosses used in jewelry.

Wearing a Gothic-style cross is not only fashionable, but it may also reflect your beliefs on the dark side. Gothic jewelry is regarded as popular and stylish to the point that certain pieces have significant significance behind them and symbolize something unique to individuals who wear them. Whatever the reason, various kinds of Gothic crosses can suit anyone’s style and individuality.


People are just done with wearing sweats; they want to dress up again and wear interesting accessories with different designs that make them happy.

Anyone with a diamond-shaped face may wear any jewelry. Their necklaces should match their neckline, for example, a low cut neckline should be combined with long necklaces that taper towards the end, chokers for long necks, and so on.

Wear choker and collar necklaces to make your rectangular face appear shorter and more round! Wearing Y-shaped necklaces or huge beads at the end of your necklace will make your face appear longer than usual. When it comes to round faces, longer necklaces are a huge yes. Y-shaped necklaces assist to draw attention away from the face and make it appear less round.


Jewelry is the final touch that can elevate any ensemble. However, one emo necklace can easily cost more than your entire wardrobe. Finding the top budget jewelry brands might be difficult for jewelry fans who prefer to change up their style. It’s all about knowing where to go to locate things that seem like a million bucks but cost less. REVXVAL is your best choice when you want to try out a trend but don’t want to invest in an item you’ll cherish forever. The trendy quick fashion label has its finger on the emo jewelry pulse.

Match your necklace with a small emo piercing for an alternative punk/goth/grunge style!

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