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Emo Fashion 2022 – Best Outfit Inspiration

Transported by the Emo subculture and its universe? Stay tuned for new trends and the best outfit inspirations for this year 2022. Black is on the rise, but the little touch of shine remains and shows the uniqueness of Emo styles. Whether it’s clothing, appearance, hairstyle or accessories, don’t miss any of the trends.

Emo Fashion Girl 2022

Fashion designers have kept the look sexy for Emo girls. Mini-skirts and mini-dresses still make up the majority of Emo collections in the Emo girl universe. Crop tops are a hot trend for emo girls, and they can be added to their short bottoms to give them an edgy look. In terms of footwear, flatform sandals and creepers are the most fashionable, to be combined of course with piercings and accessories to complete and perfect your Emo girl outfit for this year 2022.

Flagship colour of the emo girls

Since the emergence of the Emo subculture, the colour black has become a favourite colour in Emo dress codes. For this year, black is still the basis of inspiration for Emo outfits. However, other colours are coming in for new inspirations. We can mention the colour pink, purple and even white. These light colours are used by Emo girls as a match for accessories. Most of the time, Emo girls dye their hair with fluorescent colours to break up the black colour of their clothes.

Clothing in the colours of the emo girls trend

You can mix sexy outfits with loose fitting ones. Looking sexy doesn’t always mean you have to wear tight outfits. This is the case with the Emo girl 2022 inspiration. Go for printed wide-leg trousers with expressive drop-shoulder sweatshirts. For a second inspirational choice, don’t hesitate to check out the black buckle wide leg jeans that are a real novelty and must-have for the 2022 emo girl wardrobe.

The little black plaid skirt with a waistcoat is always a hit with hardcore emo fans. But that’s not all, there are still the patterned T-shirts that are so expressive. The most emotive notifications on white or black T-shirts are: ‘I LOVE EMO BOYS’ or ‘I LOVE EMO BOY’S CRY’ and often paired with jeans.

Fashionable shoes

Platform shoes such as creepers take first place when it comes to trendy shoes for Emo girls. However, the pink “Love bites Emo” cuffs and leggings cannot be overlooked, as they are excellent if you combine them with black converse boots or Dr Martens. Boots then take second place as the Emo girl 2022 shoe trend. There are big boots with leggings and hollin’ combat boots. It goes perfectly with pink cargo.

Hairstyling that blows your mind

Shredded haircuts are the right haircut for a proper Emo girl. Remember to style your hair as awkwardly as possible and make yourself visible in the crowd. No matter how long your hair is, you can make it short or long to your liking. Extravagant haircuts are on trend and this remains so in 2022.

For the Emo hairstyle, the fringe should not be omitted. It denotes distinctiveness from the rest and is a way to retain the Emocore subculture. A ripped fringe has the effect of giving your eyes a certain weight and makes you look devastated and enraged by Emo. Which means you have to cover up half your face.



Accessories that go hand in hand with style

The 2022 Emo fashion girl is a fan of accessories. Cross earrings are becoming more and more important in the world of Emo fashion. Skeleton earrings are also becoming more popular. In addition, Emo girls must wear black nail polish in order to position their theme and culture in the world. This Emo trend in nail polish has conquered other non-Emo girls. Finally, to feel totally comfortable, don’t forget necklaces, belts, pillow headbands and cute little bags.

All these accessories will make a little girl look for the women who are fanatical about the Emo subculture. Which means that the best outfit inspiration for Emo fashion 2022 cannot do without accessories.

Trendy appearance and make-up

Appearance can sometimes be deceiving, but this is not the case for Emo women. Emo women wear crazy make-up, and they set no limits for themselves. The best outfits for the 2022 trend are then thick eyebrows and very coarse make-up. A lot of make-up should be put around the eyes and other decorations should be added.

The best outfits for the Emo boy 2022 look

For the Emo subculture, the boys are also very careful with their appearance and keep up with current trends in Emo fashion. Emo boys even spend more time and money in order to be able to show off their culture to the people around them. Dress, hair, accessories and shoes, nothing should be left to chance and the best trendy outfits for the year 2022 should be taken as inspiration.

The must-have clothing for Emos boys

T-shirts and jeans are still the characteristic outfits of emo boys. For this year 2022, this style remains a key model in the emo boys’ catalogue. The skull trousers with legs and oversized sweatshirts are perfectly suited for the androgynous. However, there is often a tendency to confuse the outfits of boys and girls in this community. Indeed, emo boys often adopt identical outfits to emo girls. In fact, this is their particular style of fashion.

A staple of Emo boy clothing, T-shirts are also worth a look. T-shirts have almost classic cuts. They are often black or white in colour and differ from the usual T-shirts in the message they carry. For example, black T-shirts with a blood-tinged broken heart print show the romance and heartache of a break-up. There is a wide selection :

  • T-shirts with ox head
  • Gecko lizard animal print t-shirt with sleeves
  • Black dragon t-shirt
  • Black t-shirt with rose blossom or bleeding rose print
  • White sad angel print t-shirt

For this year 2022, the Emo boy look has moved a little closer to gothic attire with custom skull print trousers and jumpers with an even skull central motif.

Typical emo boys hairstyle

Emo boys have a particular way of arranging their hair. This style is strictly related to the punk subculture. The trendy hair colour for the 2022 outfit is black, but you can adopt highlights if you want to introduce other lighter colours to your hair such as your fringes.

As far as the cut is concerned, make sure that the length of your hair covers your face. This way, go straight or have it up in an antenna. You don’t have to straighten your hair for this year; straight is fine too.

Must-have accessories for emo boys

The largest number of accessories for Emo boys are specially designed to bring a darker, extravagant and emo touch to their appearance.Skeleton pendants are on the forefront for the 2022 trend. Skeleton pendants are in the spotlight for the 2022 trend, as are skeleton rings, bracelets and skeleton pendant necklaces.

The designers have created snake pins for the hair, black wool gloves with red polka dots for the hands, and black spider web printed ties to show off your torso. The collection is complete for this year 2022, because even intimate accessories have won the hearts of fashion designers. We’re talking about boxer shorts of all colours decorated with skulls, cadaverous touches, emoticons, in other words the various evil emoji.

All black make-up

In general, the make-up inspiration for Emo boys is to bring out a pale appearance with huge sorrows on the face. This is the basis of the culture itself: appearing in a bad light while assuming what the average person does not want to admit. Face paint can also be adopted in addition to the usual make-up.

Eyeliner is ONE of the most important things you can do to create a dark outline on your eyes. Everything should be accentuated: the lashes, the eyelids and the existing shadow on your eyes. The area under the eyebrow and the inner corners of the eyes should be covered with beige or white paint.

Every year, the trends and creations related to Emo fashion take slight differences. This is why in order to stay true to this punk subculture; you have to follow the trends and find out about the best outfits. Emo boys or Emo girls in the blood? Stay on top of the trend by checking out the trendy accessories and the top-printed clothes for each new season.

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