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All about the Emo Phase – Explanation & Reality

When talking about emo people, most of us always refer to depressed people with dark colours, nostalgic music. Although emo is known for its rather dark side, this hides some more than interesting facts. If you are from this community and swear by the colour black, hang on, we are going to discover this culture.

A term from the emocore

Typologically, the word “emo” is short for emocore. Emocore refers to a musical genre that encompasses emotions such as sadness, anger, loneliness and many others. The term also includes all hardcore punk music, teenagers and punk rocks. For this reason, many teenagers will always have an emo song close to their heart. Emo is especially appealing to teens between the ages of 14 and 18 because it is during this period that each of them is confronted with the most emotional moments in life. As a result, emo teens are intelligent, artistic and sensitive. What they have in common is not only their characters, but later on they become happy adults who have already had experiences.

An emotional phase of adolescence

Emo child, depressed adult, that’s what many people think, but it’s all preconceived notions. In reality, many people choose to live a fulfilling lifestyle after an emo childhood and then go through the phase of discovering their true personality. Generally, those who have emo in their blood live out their style and emotional side in their teenage years. As mentioned earlier, teenagers aged 14 to 18 are often the most affected, but this is not always the case, as it may manifest itself outside of this age range. According to the Raising Children publication, this is because young people are more emotional at this time. Indeed, these years also correspond to the age when physical, emotional and intellectual remodelling takes place. For the most part, the amygdala is in charge of all kinds of decision making. This explains the emotionally dominated phase.

A way to express yourself freely

Not unlike other genres of music, emo also matches specific and fashionable clothing styles. Apparently, teenage emo fans almost always wear black clothes or accessories, fringes. In addition to this, they have a playlist full of emotional songs including heartache, insecurity and other phenomena that evoke emotion. With all this, emo children can express themselves in a more artistic way. Like other music genres with their specific features, emo also has its own particularity.

Living the emo phase and finding your ikigai

Many people wonder what Ikigai really means. It is indeed one’s identity and reason for living. And how can it be linked to the emo phase? Indeed, ikigai and emo phase can be linked. In fact, becoming emo contributes to the discovery of one’s identity. In order to determine one’s identity and what makes one happy, it is not enough to think or to ask the opinion of others. One has to experiment by wearing various shoes and experiencing many real-life events. In this way, they discover the different facets of life while learning how to confront them. Hence, going through the emo phase can somehow help to discover one’s reason for living.

Some characteristics of emo people

The emo phase is not an illness, let alone a state of depression, it is a character just like any other. According to Andy Greenwald, author of Nothing Feels Goods “Emo means different things to different people”. Thus, people in the emo phase can be identified by the following traits:

    Stylish layered accessories

Indeed, emo people like to wear accessories in a layered, extravagant way while showing an artistic style.permanent headphones and songs that are both sad and soothing, sometimes aggressive, emotional poems are also part of their daily life.

      Dark colours, especially black

An emo person has a penchant for black accessories. To stand out in their style, they put eyeliner around their eyes, black nail polish.

        Extraordinary hairstyles and haircuts

The emos are distinguished and easily recognisable by their unique haircuts. Fringes, a layered cut, mid-lengths and especially hair dyed with a fluorescent touch.

Many other characteristics can mark the emo phase. Once considered a vain genre, people hid their emo identity. The reason for this is probably the unpleasant reputations of this genre of music. But today, many people proudly assume and accept the personality as emo. They are even willing to live it despite the judgments of others.

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