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The Best of Emo Culture in the 2000s

For emo cultures, the 2000s marked a significant development. In fact, it is arguably during these years that emo cultures began to attract the interest of many fans around the world. Since the first emo music in 1980, other emo cultures have emerged. To better follow and understand, you will discover in this article many variants of emo culture.

Alternative emo rock

Historically speaking, the alternative rock sub-genre of emo music is the real emocore. It consists of punk or pop-punk styles. Alternative rock dominated the 1990’s of emo history. At that time, it was still the best known music genre. Nowadays, it is no longer the best known. However, its fame does not disappear completely into history. In the following list you will find the best of alternative rock :

  • The Cab
  • Our Last Night
  • The Promise Ring
  • Sunny Day Real Estate
  • Jack’s Mannequin
  • Braid
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Falling In Reverse
  • Elliott
  • Before Their Eyes

Gothic rock with emo music

The difference between goth and emo rock seems a bit blurred, however, they are two very distinct cultures. Goth is distinguished by its dark and moody side, while emo is distinguished by its emotional instinct. The combination of the two forms a new variety of emo. Vampires everywhere and Black veil brides are the pioneers of this exceptional music. Apart from these two, you can also find others :

  • My Chemical Romance
  • Cradle of Filth
  • New Years Day
  • AFI
  • Lacuna Coil
  • The Used

The emo Midwest

When talking about the Midwest, country music is always mentioned. And yes, the Midwest is a bastion of country music. Midwest emo differs from the emo genre in its intensity. Simple emo is more intense both in terms of vocalization and emotion. Midwest emo, in turn, is music that opts for slower, melodic tempos. The best of this genre are :

  • Braid
  • Cap’n Jazz
  • Mineral
  • Merchant ships
  • Foxing
  • American Football
  • The Ring of Promise
  • Chamberlain
  • Modern baseball
  • Cursive
  • Sunny Day Real Estate
  • The Hotelier
  • Algernon Cadwallader

Emo pop punk

Belonging to the punk rock genre, pop punk emo sounds both pop and melodic. Not very different from other emo, you can still distinguish the dark and emotional side. Listening to pop punk, or other emo music, you will get the impression that it was you who wrote the song. Emo music can reflect the thoughts of each listener. Examples are  :

  • Moneen
  • A day to remember
  • Before Their Eyes
  • The Audition
  • Good Charlotte
  • Something Corporate
  • Sugarcult
  • Get Scared
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • Halifax

Emo chrétiens

There is also emo music for Christians. These kinds of music are made to give consolation and encouragement. Christian emo is also there to remind everyone that God never gives up. The pioneer bands are :

  • This Providence
  • Born of the Spirit
  • The Morning Walk

Math Rock Emo

Also known as rebel emo, this genre was one of the best of emo culture in the 2000s. Rebel emo is composed of math rock as well as emo. This genre is decorated by heavier instruments and lyrics that focus on the concerns of the individual. The difference is that math rock is the type that values various musical techniques while the other is more concerned with melody.

  • Dads
  • Gulfer
  • TTNG
  • The Fall of Troy
  • Tiny moving parts
  • The Cabs
  • Crash of Rhinos
  • The fox
  • Owls
  • American Football

Metal emo

As said before, emo is a musical genre that puts emotions first. Metal, in turn, is a specific genre of music with powerful touches of aggression. The combination of the two gives a unique genre composed of anguish and harshness. Here are some of the pioneering bands of the genre :

  • A Static Lullaby
  • Tokio hotel
  • Mayday parade
  • Alesana
  • Amber pacific
  • The Amity Affliction
  • The blackout
  • Emery
  • Sleeping with sirens
  • There for Tomorrow

The screamo

Whoever says emo automatically remembers screamo. This is because of the simple fact that screamo constitutes the popularity of emo music. Obviously, screamo deals with many themes, but the most common of this sub-genre are anguish, loneliness, anxiety and also depression. It is best known for its screaming sounds combined with a harmonious rhythm. The most famous screamo’s are :

  • Silverstein
  • Thursday
  • Senses fail
  • Pierce the veil
  • Underoath
  • Pg. 99
  • Hawthorn
  • Heights
  • From first to last
  • I Hate Myself
  • Bring me the réligion
  • Alexisonfire
  • Circle Takes the Square

Emo hardcore

The main characteristic of this sub-genre is the intense emotion it evokes. A single music that brings together many varieties such as punk and in order to have a specificity. Thanks to its emotional lyrics, emo hardcore became more popular in the 2000s. This genre is especially appreciated by young people. In addition to being emotional, hardcore emo also brings together motivations. Examples are :

  • Fugazi
  • Thrice
  • Texas Is the Reason
  • mewithoutYou
  • Aiden
  • Yaphet Kotto
  • Maximillian Colby
  • At the Drive-In
  • The Dispute
  • Blessthefall

Californian emo

And yes, there is also a Californian emo culture, it has been around for quite some time. Sense Field and Halo Friendlies were the most famous bands. They have influenced many new artists, changing the culture in the region. Over the years, there was a time when Californian emo disappeared into history due to the explosion of rock. However, a few of the bands in this genre are still around. At the time, the best of them were :

  • A Cursive Memory
  • Ruffio
  • Halo Friendlies
  • Halifax
  • Sense Field
  • Knapsack
  • Say Anything
  • Name taken
  • Scrum

Female Emo

Since its inception, all emo artists have been boys, and girls have been mere fans and spectators. Except that at some point, girls started to enter the rock world, they also became immersed in the emo culture. So, some famous women served these talents to become emo artists. Here are some of the bands made up of girls who play emo music:

  • The Beautiful Monument
  • Little Big League
  • Hop Along
  • Eisley
  • Tigers Jaw
  • Yours Truly
  • Paramore
  • Jejune
  • Sincere Engineer
  • Meet me at the altar

Emo from chicago

As emo gains more and more popularity, it is spreading to many places including Chicago. This city contains people who appreciate and support alternative music. Many emo stars are welcome in this receptive city. Thus, many bands are created there. The best of Chicago emo from the twentieth century are:

  • Their / They are / There
  • Into It. Over It.
  • The fold
  • Retirement Party
  • The academy is
  • Madina Lake
  • Kittyhawk
  • Project Rocket
  • Joan of Arc
  • Fall Out Boy

Japanese Emo

Although emo remains one of the world’s most popular genres, Japan was late in creating the genre. However, once it became known in the territory, it soon spread and produced many titles. It is a way for young people to express themselves while serving artistic works.

  • Sawpit
  • Radwimps
  • My First Story
  • Aie
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  • 9mm Parabellum Bullet
  • This time, we will not allow or forgive
  • My first story
  • Banco
  • Autumn leaf
  • Coldrain

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