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    Pentagram Piercing

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    Skeleton Hand Lip Piercing

  • Skull Ear PiercingSkull Ear Piercing

    Skull Ear Piercing

  • Skull Lip PiercingSkull Lip Piercing

    Skull Lip Piercing

  • Skull Nose RingSkull Nose Ring

    Skull Nose Ring

  • Skull PiercingSkull Piercing

    Skull Piercing

  • Spider Nose RingSpider Nose Ring

    Spider Nose Ring



While emo piercings are not a new fad, 2022 appears to be the year to try out new dazzling embellishments. We’ve watched celebrities carry off the trend beautifully for years now, providing inspo for those moments when we can’t help but ponder whether a new piercing is a next step in our life, from normal ear ones to facial pieces, belly buttons, and more.

REVXVAL is your one-stop-shop destination to buy any emo piercing for that matter, our team with full dedication and research, keeping up with the fashion trends has designed several piercing options for you all, earlobes have been the most popular place to add some glitz to your outfit.

It’s no surprise that septum piercings are the most popular today: Celebrities wear nose rings. The Daith piercing is a half-moon-shaped hoop that grips the cartilage on the inside of the ear. To be honest, it’s one of our fave looks. The helix can be pierced with gemstone crawlers, tiny hoops, or studs. The possibilities are limitless.

Last but not least Nose piercings are no longer just the rebellious thing your cool older sister did in high school—they’re currently the third most popular piercing in the world. And with that, we proudly want to say we have a plethora of options for you to choose from.


One of our favorite self-care moments is getting a new piercing (or two) and some lovely new jewelry. Think of it as a subset of retail therapy. However, if you’ve gathered more than one or two holes, emo style and overall aesthetics might become a little jumbled.

In recent years, layering several piercings has become a popular style among trendsetters. In recent years, the design has received a substantial and slim makeover. A popular design that gives a more minimalist, polished approach to the curated ear trend is stacking numerous hoops across several places. Combine with: This piercing is edgy but sweet, and it goes well with casual-glam outfits. This type of piercing may look great on its alone or with a simple slip dress and a pair of stylish heels. Maintain a sparkling, soft-glam look with minimal makeup.

A fantastic option If you live near a beach and frequently wear beachwear, this is the type of piercing that begs to be seen. A navel piercing is fantastic with swimsuits, crop tops, and even the Indian sari, and may completely transform these outfits.

To emit an incredibly contemporary and futuristic atmosphere, go athleisure with this style. All-black ensembles with black t-shirts, military boots, leather jackets, and dark joggers or denim complete the look.

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