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Top 100 Best Asian Emo Outfits Ideas

Jackets, jumpers, skinny tees or skinny jeans are all essential elements for a trendy Emo outfit. Our Asian emo friends seem to be no exception when it comes to Emo top dress code. In this long and inspiring article, we bring you the 100 best Asian Emo outfits. Also discover the inspiring Emo accessories to appear as gloomy and so melancholic in style.

Emo themed outfits :

For each style, the Emos have created their own outfits. There are, however, 29 outfits to which the Emos have added their personal touches. These are the :

  • Cosplay outfits
  • Emo retouched gothic outfit
  • Punk rock outfit with a totally black boot
  • Best friend outfits
  • Alternative Emo outfits
  • Bad girl outfits accessorized with violent terms
  • Grunge outfits
  • Harajuku fashion outfits
  • Hot topic outfits
  • Rebel fashion outfits
  • Lazy outfits
  • Emo tomboy outfits
  • Avant-garde outfits
  • Komplette Emo outfits
  • Cochella outfits
  • Batman outfits
  • Hipster outfits
  • Emo destroy outfits
  • Japanese Emo outfits
  • Punkified school outfits
  • Emo witch style outfits
  • Emo Kawaii outfits
  • Emo skater outfits
  • Emo princess outfits
  • Emo outfits for schools with a large Korean style
  • Emo outfits for punk girls with black heels
  • Emo pastel outfits
  • Flannel Emo outfits
  • Red Emo outfits with sneakers

Emo stage outfits

Emo are people who proliferate the emotional hardcore music style. This means that to get on stage they need typical outfits to pay tribute to this kind of music. We highlight 08 of the best Asian Emo stage outfits:

  • All-black Emo scene outfits
  • Emo stage outfits with purple highlights
  • Emo stage outfits with black and white contrast
  • Cassandra Rodriguez’s Emo outfit: all black and nailed
  • Untitled #202
  • unorthodox me
  • Cyber Goth Punk Emo Clothes
  • Key punk visual

Emo outfits of the years

The 80’s and 90’s left not only generations, but also traces in several musical cultures and subcultures. For Emo, it’s not only these years that have shaped the world of Emo fashion, but there are other years too. We even have outfits for every decade since :

  • 40’s band outfits
  • Emo fashion from the 90s
  • Emo outfits from the 2000s
  • 80’s Emo fashion women’s outfit with elephant leg trousers

The boots

Although Emo people most often wear converses, boots have also earned their place in the top Asian Emo outfits. Here is a list of the top 4 boots that make up Asian Emo outfits :

  • Dr Martens boots
  • Converse boots
  • Work Boots especially for men
  • Lace-up boots
  • Shorts and strappy boots

Jackets, coats and jumpers

Jackets, coats and jumpers are key elements for a better Emo outfit. They have also conquered the hearts of Asian Emo’s and are part of their top 100 best outfits. We distinguish :

  • The ear jacket
  • Genuine leather jackets
  • Zipped jackets
  • Emo jackets in vintage style
  • Steampunk jackets
  • Leather jacket of the samurai character V
  • Emo swag clothes
  • Red and black coats
  • Poncho coat with loose sleeves
  • Black Targaryen gothic style coat for men
  • Hooded jumper
  • Dragon disguise jackets
  • Dragon jumpers
  • Low-cut jumpers
  • Striped jumpers
  • Large jumpers
  • Band T-shirts under a denim jacket

The trousers

From skinny jeans to very wide trousers, no piece is left to chance for an Asian Emo. Trousers have their own expression attributed to Emo fashion. Among these trousers, we mention the most preferable ones :

  • Hip Hop trousers with a wide waistband
  • Gothic trousers with an Emo expression
  • Very wide dungarees
  • Black denim trousers with straps and pockets
  • Soft leggings with sloppy converse

The converses

The Emo’s have adopted the converse as their signature shoe. Over the years, Asian Emo’s have added specific features to give them more choice while keeping the converse as their brand choice. This has allowed us to make the following ranking :

  • Black Mandrins converse
  • Customised Emo All star trainers
  • Long converse with pony pattern
  • High converse outfits

Emo Lolita outfits

The typical emo lolita outfit is an outfit consisting of very short shorts with mesh tights and tank tops. It is made to show a very sexy aspect to the Asian Emo who will wear it.

Sexy teenage fashion outfits

Asian fashion is known for its tendency for young girls to wear short skirts. The same is true for Asian Emo. This outfit consists of a pleated mini-skirt, a small all-black top and a classic leather jacket.

Hats and accessories

Emo people really like extravagant fashion accessories. They allow them to enhance their subculture as much as possible. There are :

  • Tactical equipment accessories
  • Short leg harness
  • Bohemian hand jewellery
  • Kitty cat fleece hats
  • Occult and fancy jewellery
  • Caps and hats
  • Hats with holes
  • Cat’s ear scarf bonnet
  • Garter belts
  • Berets
  • Large bracelets

Printed and patterned outfits

As expressive as they are, Emos dedicate their clothing to send messages to each other and to those around them. There are some very famous patterns in the West, but also between each Asian Emo. There are then :

  • Dark fashion outfits with skull prints
  • Outfits with ‘falling in reverses’ motifs
  • T-shirts with an expressive floral pattern of despair
  • Outfits with a Disney villain motif
  • My Chemical Romance patterned outfits
  • The pink black series
  • Melancholic and grumpy tops
  • Skull and crossbones tank tops

Checked outfits

Checks are a key colour in Emo culture. Black remains the basic colour of blue or purple checks, but red remains the symmetrical colour of black checks in the Emo fashion world. In the top 100 best outfits, Asian Emo is :

  • Red and black checked tunics
  • Asymmetrical mini-dress in check

Bright galaxy hoodies

Asian Emo’s have introduced light into their outfits. There are some very bright outfits in the top 100 best Asian outfits with galaxy hoodies.

Specific features of Asian Emo outfits

Apart from what unifies them, each country has its own specific traits regarding Emo fashion. For Asian Emo, here are the outfits that differentiate them from other Western Emo :

  • White heels
  • Kawaii dresses
  • Royal Harpers
  • Button-down waistcoats

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