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10 Tips to Meet your Future Emo Girlfriend

Winning over an emo girl is an ironclad battle. Indeed, emo girls are unique, independent and determined personalities. So, being beautiful and intelligent is not enough. That’s why we propose, in this article, 10 effective techniques that can help you or make you understand how to conquer the heart of your emo crush.

1- Use emo style as a common interest

In most cases, girls who are fans of emo are interested in genres like themselves. But, it’s not by nature, at some point, they may be interested in you. If you already are, that’s a good start. If not, don’t give up hope, there are still possible approaches. In this case, you can use emo clothing styles or stylish emo accessories to start a good conversation. You can also adopt an emo haircut or wear items from an emo group to show your interest in the genre.

2- Be unique and be yourself

Just because you’re interested in an emo girl doesn’t mean you’re going to become emo any time soon. Although an emo boy is more attractive to an emo girl, having your own personality is a more desirable trait. If you are already one, don’t try to imitate other people’s styles. It’s okay to be who you are. Otherwise, go for the first tip to show that you are open-minded.

3- Always be clean

Whether it’s an emo girl or an addictive girl of another style, cleanliness is a quality they need to consider. To be able to win over your emo girl, you are not going to stand in front of her with filth and foul odours. So, make yourself clean with nice perfumes.

4- Have some command of the world emo

Here, it is not a question of knowing all the cultural varieties of emo. It is enough to know what emo music, emo poetry, emo graphic art represents.This will allow you to have a long discussion as well as attract the attention of your emo cutie. However, when the girl talks about a culture you don’t even know about, make that your advantage, ask her what it is, act interested.

5- Emo, punk, goth, a trap to avoid

Although these styles are somewhat similar, you need to be sure you know the difference. Punk fans wear very different clothes and hairstyles than goth and emo fans. This will help you to identify your approach. Here, your target is an emo girl, so you need to adapt your technique.

6- Compliments and romance, an essential ingredient

Did you know that girls like to be complimented? So do emo girls, except that emo girls have differences. Specifically, emo girls don’t want compliments like “you’re beautiful”. Instead, they appreciate compliments that revolve around her emo style and also romanticizes that smother them from their emo world.

7- Talk about emotions

Every human being is endowed with an emotion except that many tend to hide it. Therefore, talking about these emotions is a clue to show your love. No one would share what they feel deep down with just anyone. This is only done when the listener wants to trust. It’s not about crying or shouting, it’s about expressing the emotions that occupy you the most: joy, anger, sadness. For the girl, it shows that she is special.

8- Reveal some of your secrets, a sign of confidence

To show your future girlfriend emo that you care about her, tell her things in confidence. In addition to showing that you feel good about her, it helps to get to know her more specifically. By talking about emo, it shows that you actually have an emo side. So, don’t be afraid to share one of your little secrets or private lives to get more attention.

9- Shyness, a weakness to exploit

In front of a girl you have feelings for, you either behave well or you behave with vanity. Between these two gestures, emo’s appreciate more those who have adopted calmness. Although many girls fall for those who have more gesture or for jerks, emo girls feel more comfortable with guys who are a bit shy. So it’s not that you’re shy that you’ll run away or avoid the girl. You need to show a show of courage.

10- Taking action…

Finally, this tip may be the most important. You need to tell your crush emo that you feel love for her. Sometimes guys think that gestures are enough, but words are needed. Either way, don’t risk your personality.

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