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Emo Pastel Style – Top 50 Best Outfits Ideas

Wearing pastel emo clothing is also one of the most effective ways to express your taste, style and unique fashion personality. However, when it comes to emo outfits, there are many variations in style and pairing options to choose from. Here are the top 50 best pastel emo outfit ideas.

Clothes with skulls

Emo dress codes are all about stage clothing styles. Suitable for all body types and genders, dark coloured tracksuits printed with skull patterns all over are the most prominent.Alternatively, you can choose colourful clothes for a successful pastel emo style.

Purple hoodie with tulle skirt

Purple hoodies and tulle skirts are a popular and trendy outfit combo in the emo community. Pair them with black or purple boots as well and you’ll be on top of the trend.

Pink jumper with black skirt

The pink jumper and black skirt are symbols of the emo subculture. It’s a style popularised in the late 2000s by bands such as the Backstreet Boys and BSB. Ideal to wear with Vans or converse to complete your look and your dark attitude.

Crucifix print jumper with lace skirt

A print jumper with a lace skirt and purple boots is the perfect mix of casual and cool. It’s one of the signature looks of the emo subculture.

Cat print jumper with jean shorts

A cat print jumper with jean shorts is a typical emo look, so it falls into the category of pastel emo costumes. Clothes with prints are very popular with those who like pastel emo fashion.

Necklace ring to decorate an oversized jumper

Emo members wear their look as a message they want to get across. They often hide symbols of the emo community under shirts and tops. Wearing an oversized jumper in pastel colours is highly recommended in combination with a necklace ring accessory for a perfect look.

Off-the-shoulder jumper with pastel green shorts

A off-shoulder jumper paired with pastel green shorts and shoes is a classic emo outfit. The combination of these two elements makes it unique in its own way.

Hoodie crop with lace skirt

A short hoodie with a lace skirt and heeled boots is a style seen in the emo scene. It’s a great way to express your inner fashionista.

Purple hoodie crop with destroy jeans

The purple hoodie with destroy jeans is associated with the emo subculture. This style of clothing was popular among teenagers in the late 2000s and was worn by people who were into the subculture.

Short denim skirt with purple oversized jacket

A denim skirt paired with an oversized purple jacket is a common pastel emo outfit. This outfit was first introduced by American designer Kim Gordon in the 1990s and has been one of her signature pieces ever since. An ensemble to adopt for a kick-ass emo look.

A crop top halter with purple plaid skirt and thigh-high boots

A crop top halter with a purple plaid skirt and thigh-high boots is an extremely popular outfit, especially among emo girls. This outfit is perfect for those who prefer a more casual look as well as those who want to be bold and unique.

V-strap dress with white jumper

A black V-neck dress with a white jumper underneath and black boots makes for an emo pastel outfit. This outfit is worn by many celebrities.

A skin-tight checkered tee with purple jeans

A tight plaid tee with purple denim pants was popularized by emo bands in the late 1990s.

A black jumper with white shorts

A black jumper with white shorts is a classic emo pastel outfit. This outfit is the most popular and trendy. An incredibly elegant outfit for any occasion.

Crop hoodie with lace skirt

This is a different version of the emo outfit that was already very popular and fashionable. This outfit is perfect for girls who want to be a little more eccentric and a little more daring.

Skeleton print jumper with lace skirt

Skeleton print jumpers and lace skirts are perfect for girls with pastel colours. It’s a great way to add colour to your outfit and make it more fashionable.

Oversize tee-shirt  with destroyed jean

An oversized t-shirt with destroyed jeans is a perfect item for an emo outfit. This article is written in the style of an emo outfit and the main character is also wearing one.

A pink hoodie with black denim shorts

It is a simple but effective piece of clothing associated with the emo subculture and a casual outfit worn by many teenagers, especially those who like to wear pastel colours.

A star print crop top with lace skirt

A star print crop top and lace skirt is a versatile emo fashion item. It is very popular and was worn by many women in the 1960s and 1970s.

A black crop top with pink plaid skirt

It is a colour combination that is generally associated with emo culture. This outfit is ideal for all occasions, but especially for festivals and punk rock shows.

A cat print jumper with purple tulle skirt

A cat print jumper with purple tulle skirt is perfect for the emo outfit. This emo outfit is a unique combination of colours, styles and fabrics.

A black crop top with a pastel purple skirt

A crop top goes well with emo outfits and is more feminine than the usual black and white outfits you see in emo scenes. It’s a must-have.

Body-hugging top worn with a black denim skirt

Creating casual yet sultry emo looks is easy when you stick to all-black emo clothing. To create a pastel outfit, choose a purple top in a light shade. Then add a silver belt, combat boots and a studded bracelet or necklace.

Tie Dye crop with white skirt

To represent the pastel side, the Tie Dye crop with pastel shades is perfect. Pair it with a little white skirt to remind you of emo and grey lace-up boots.

A white t-shirt with ‘creep it real’ on the front + Blue and pink gradient jeans

The ‘Creep it real’ sign gives an emo edge to a pastel outfit. Pair the tee and shorts with a star necklace and a pair of pink converse.

Pull oversize ” but you’re like really ” pretty avec un skinny imprimé crucifix

Both the top and the bottom represent emo culture. To give a pastel look, the jumper is made of a gradient of grey and pastel purple. Don’t forget the pair of platform derbies.

Tie Dye hoodie with skinny destroy

The black destroy skinny brings the emo touch while the purple and white tie dye hoodie brings the pastel touch. The outfit is then completed with a pair of purple glittery converse.

Loose T-shirt and leather trousers

Black leather trousers are a basic piece of emo clothing. For a pastel emo look, the loose tee in a pastel green colour brings authenticity. All this with Doc Martens and studded accessories.

Pink jumper with dickey collars + black shorts

A jumper paired with dickey collars is all the rage these days. The jumper bringing the pastel style combined with the emo style of black shorts. Shoe wise, lace up boots and accessorize with a studded choker.

Skull and crossbones tank top + skeleton tights and pastel blue shorts

Complete the outfit with skeleton gloves, stiletto boots and a studded belt. A super girly pastel emo outfit par excellence.

Black crop top with turquoise midi skirt

The emo style is a bit vintage, the combination of these two pieces offers a very retro look. Add to this outfit heeled and laced boots in the same colour as the skirt. Don’t forget the accessories, a pair of round glasses and a studded choker.

Long tank top with leggings

Another classic subculture outfit. On the front of the tank top is a cross in the colours of the galaxy. At the bottom are black lace-up Doc Martens-style boots and, not forgetting the accessories, skull and crossbones bracelets and a small bag with a skull on it.

Black tank top, pastel purple tulle skirt and black perfecto

The tulle skirt is popular with emo girls. Pair it with Doc Martens or black lace-up boots for a total emo pastel look.

Black tank top, destroy jean shorts and jean jacket

The colour black and the destroy for the emo side. The jean shorts are in Tie Dye which makes the outfit emo pastel. The denim jacket goes very well with the outfit. Wear it with pink converse and a small bag in blue.

Black shirt with pink hearts on the front + purple and pink shorts

This combination is the perfect representation of pastel emo style. Wear with pink platform derbies, batwing tights and a pink studded belt.

T-shirt Social Decay No Chance in Hell + Jeans Eden Sky Eyeball

This outfit is proposed by Kristen Vogel, an emo girl. She completed her outfit with Jeffrey Campbell boots and a Nasty Gal hat.

White dress with platform heels

Another outfit proposed by Kristen, it represents a very girly pastel emo style. As an accessory she chose a choker.

Off shoulder dress with cross print tights

The cross print is popular with members of the emo culture. For a pastel emo look, you need colour. The offshoulder dress is a pastel pink colour with a bat and creep on the front as a reminder of emo.

UGH T-shirt with two-tone denim shorts

The UGH tee is seen over and over again on thousands of emo. It fits into the two-tone (blue and pink) jean shorts. With this outfit, boots will really do the trick. Accessorise with a girly pastel pink backpack.

A crop top with a chain belt

Rock-style accessories like chains make a great addition to emo outfits. A chain belt paired with a pastel crop top makes for a powerful look. This is because both colours are associated with strong emotion and passion.

Black corset top with pink shorts

The corset top is in fashion following a trend on tik tok. The emos have also adopted it in their own way. Underneath the top, pink destroy shorts. Shoe-wise, to recall the emo style, black lace-up boots.

Two-tone strapless dress with tights and a perfecto

The dress alone represents the emo pastel style. The top is in pastel pink, the skirt is zebra. Over the dress, a black perfecto. Black tights with crucifixes on the feet, combined with white platform derbies.

Oversized ‘I Hate Everyone’ T-shirt with pastel blue shorts

The T-shirt represents the introverted side of emos. Complete the outfit with boots and socks that stick out of the shoes.

Black ruffled skirt with short fur jacket

This outfit is very kawai. The furry jacket matches the black ruffled skirt beautifully. Underneath the jacket, a little black top to match the skirt. On the feet, huge black platform shoes.

Chemise oversized avec un gilet oversized

This combination instantly creates an emo-dramatic look, especially with matching emo accessories. Complete the look with tapered jeans and long nails in a matching colour.

The crop top and denim pants

The emo pastel style can be represented by a sexy outfit. By combining a pastel crop top with faded blue mom jeans, you can achieve a sensual emo look. Complete the outfit with a choker and dad shoes to be emo and trendy.

Pastel pink skull and crossbones trousers and oversized sweatshirt

This emo outfit is perfect for the emo snappy dresser. To complete the look, wear a silver necklace and classic Nike shoes. This outfit is perfect if you are an androgynous emo.

Chunky sandals with leggings

Emo culture includes wearing chunky sandals as part of the look. You can change the look by replacing ordinary ripped jeans with colourful 80s style leggings. This gives the look a more pastel feel instead of the conventional twist.

Military boots with cargo trousers

The current hot trend is to wear military boots with cargo trousers. This suits both male and female emo fans. To complete the look, wear a sports bra under a dark banded tank top.

Flare pants with buckles

Every emo style enthusiast must have a pair of wide legged jeans or flare trousers with buckles. Having been launched as a popular brand for emotional teenagers, these jeans are considered a must-have item of clothing. Pair them with a pastel blue or pastel pink top, and don’t forget to wear platform shoes.

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