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All about the musical genre Emo Pop

The Emo pop music genre originated in the United States. The Midwest Emo movement notes its first cause in 1990 as a modern variety of Emo rock. Musicians like The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Out World, The Promise Ring offered the good whistle of Emo pop. It is a genre of music using elements of emocore and pop punk. Emo pop is also called Emo pop punk.

The basics of Emo pop

Emo pop is based on Emo culture. It is rooted in the sentimental Emo air, but it has converted it into a harmonious noise with a pleasant sonic charm. It is this little touch that makes the Emo pop style so special. The simple and youthful behaviour of pop punk also plays an important role in the chording of Emo pop’s musical notes. However, it comes close to the Emo style in the basic themes such as romance, sadness or confessional topics.

The specifics of the Emo pop music genre

Emo pop conveys the frustration that exists among teenagers, but it is armed with a clever production that will target the general public. This kind of music uses the “high melody”. This high melody employs rhythmic guitars in order to have the high, electric feel that the Emo pop style seeks. Emo pop focuses on teenagers and is particularly interested in them in the lyrics and sound. Emo is a musical sub-genre of punk. Emo pop is a sub-genre of Emocore.

Where does the Emo pop music genre come from ?

Created in 1995, the Emo pop was born with the initiative of some groups such as :

  • Jimmy Eat world
  • The Promise ring
  • The get-up kids
  • The starting line saves the day
  • The movie life

In Emo culture, inspirations give rise to new sources of inspiration. And so goes the life of this musical genre. From The Wrens, through The Get up Kids, everything comes together to finally find the Emo pop musical sub-genre of Fall Out Boy.

Emo pop and its reputation

Emo pop’s reputation does not only remain at the level of music; it achieved commercial success during 1999. In terms of music, Emo pop gained popularity in the early 2000s with the release of the album “Tell All Your Fiends” and “The Place You Have Come to Fear the Most”. After such a successful run, Emo pop’s fame began to wane.

Top 3 Emo Pop Bands

Number one is The Get Up Kids. It is a typical rock emo pop band composed by many artists:

  • Guitarist Matthew Pryor and Jim Suptic
  • Drummer Nathan Shay
  • Bassist Rob Rope
  • and keyboardist James

The Get Up Kids was formed in Kansas City, Missouri in 1995. Their first album was “For Munite Mile” and received rave reviews.

In second place is The Promise Ring. The band hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The members are: drummer Dan Didier and bassist Scott Beschata, guitarist Jason Gnewikow and Capn’ Jazz: and finally Davy Von Bohlen, the band’s oldest singer. Their first album is ’30° Everywhere at nothing feels good’.

Finally, Jimmy Eat World is an American alternative rock band. The band hails from Mesa, Arizona in the United States. The band consists of lead guitarist Jim Adins, drummer Zach Lind, and backup and rhythm guitarist Tom Linton. Bassist Rick Burch plays the bass.

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