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Top 10 Best Emo Rap Music

Emo rap is not just an instrumental style that mixes the musical rhythm of rock and hip-hop. It is a genre of music whose lyrics are more focused on various emotions, especially sadness and confession. This is another reason why this genre is a favorite of most teenagers. It is during adolescence that every young person goes through difficult times to live and understand. And the magic in all this is that emo rap understands and feels what these young people are going through.

Of the hundreds of rap and emo rappers, a few dozen remain the best, including Lil Peep’s Hellboy, Juice Wrld’s Robery, a Kanye West song and a few other artists.

1- HellBoy by Lil Peep

This song was released on 25 September 2016. It makes Lil Peep’s fifth and latest mixtape. Lil Peep is known for his contradictory songs that bring together happiness and unhappiness. The famous man lost his life at the age of 21, but his music still remains on the lips of many people. As far as HellBoy is concerned, this one doesn’t stray too far from Peep’s concept of two contradictory facts in a tender and melodious way. It’s a song that merges life and death, hope and despair, all the conflicting emotions and experiences.

2- Robbery by Juice WRLD

Officially released with its video “lovers day 2019”, this song manages to go viral. Basically, this rap song is about love, but when you listen carefully, you will find out that this song says more about its author Juice WRLD. Robbery is a song played to share his feelings after having had a break-up. Therefore, although love is the theme, Juice expresses more of his sorrows and wounds that prevent him from loving again. This song also represents seduction techniques and its aftermath.

3- Jocelyne Flores of XXXTentacion

Who is Jocelyne Flores? It’s the name of a girl who is sort of a friend of X. She committed suicide. If we go back to the story, this girl and X met on Twitter, the artist was looking for a photo model and the girl was a model. Their collaboration didn’t work out because of mistakes. But after that, they continued to see each other until the day Jocelyne died. To show his sadness, he tells about his life with Jocelyne as a tribute. In this song, X also shares his suicidal desires and everything.

4- Xo Tour Liif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

A true emo song released in 2017, it talks about life and heartbreak. More excitement, in this song Lil shares his life points about taking drugs after heartbreak. He also references sex and money.

5- Love Scars by Trippie Redd

As the name suggests, this song is about love. At first, this song was part of “Long way home from mars“, some time Trippie split the song. Of course, this song is still popular, its most successful moment was in 2017.

6- I Thought About Killing You de Kanye West

During the production of this song, Kanye West collaborated with many artists. However, this song focuses on West, his murderous urges and his thoughts on suicide. The song is a Top 100 American rap song.

7- Good News by Mac Miller

This song is also one of the 100 hot songs in the US. It is more about a spark of hope in the dark. The arrangements in this song are done in such a way that it is soothing.

8- Solo Dolo de Kid Cudi

While Cudi is known for positive songs, solo dolo is far from being one of them. In this song, Cudi shares his crucial moments, alone in the dark. A song that proves that life is made of all colours.

9- Abandoned by Rod Wave

Abandoned is a sad song about a moving story. In this song, Rod Wave tells about a life where the person in question loses his whole family. Afterwards, he meets another person, but he is hard to love.

10- Trade it all by Benny the Butcher

An emo song about life, about the battle of life. Benny the Butcher emphasised the various struggles that most humans have to go through.

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