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Alex Evans’ Emo phase – What happened to him?

Alex Evans is an author of various French romances. For some time now, she has been editing a book that relates to witchcraft. This situation gave rise to constant rumours, raising suspicions against her. An independent investigation was then undertaken. However, Alex Evans is one of the most popular Emo artists with a body of work that ardently maintains her Emo style. Born under her real name Alexander, she borrowed her artist name Alex Evans to support the Emo subculture through her work.

Who is Alex Evans ?

Alex Evans is a very famous Emo girl. Her outward appearance proves her deep belonging to the Emo subculture. Specifically, she wore the Emo haircut and everyone thought she was a boy. She is popular as an Emo girl, because she adjusts to emotional and imaginary productivity.

The covers of each of his books express the dark moods conveyed by Emo. This means that his work is based on fantasy, science fiction and sometimes mystery. Alex Evans has also worked as an Emo boy photo model.

Alex Evans as a traveller

Alex Evans devoted her time to writing. In her early days, she wrote about the French short story. Later, she undertook various trips to just about every country. Russia, Great Britain and Togo were among her destinations. As a result of her travels, the emotion and tendency to work for the imaginary world became her source of inspiration, and never separated from her productivity.

The action of Alex Evans

The young author Alex Evans has recognised science fiction and fantasy since his teenage years. However, she has not stopped perfecting her skills in relation to her works. During 2013, she started to find her place in the writing world and published her works. Alex Evans joined the fantasy label in 2017 with her most famous work “Associate Witch”. This was the work that set her apart and put her on the high fantasy ranking.

What has shaped Alex Evans’ life ?

According to the interview with Alex Evans, she said that her inspiration came from the various lives she had. She has lived in different countries since she was a child. She was confronted with many situations that inspired her. However, London has had the greatest impact on her with its 10 years of residence. However, the great ports of the 19th century in Singapore and Shanghai are not so indifferent to her.

The courses taken by Alex Evans

Alex Evans was a young student living in Quebec. She attended medical school in Paris as a teenager, but she made her mark not with medicine but with romance. She is a renowned novelist with an “Emo boy” appearance.

His works in the following order

Alex Evans started writing in 2013. After this first screening, she had other works such as “trace of the great serpent (Asian bestiary anthology) in 2014” and also other romances such as “the walls of gandare” or “les murailles de gandare”. In 2015 the wolf of farcas was released and in 2016 “a new white river on the Italian city” or “une nouvelle rivière blanche sur la cité Italienne”. Her biggest success remains the novel “associate witch” or “Sorcière Associée”. A year after the release of this phenomenal work, she has scheduled the publication of ‘The Jade Chessboard’ or “l’échiquier de Jade” .

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