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Black Emo Person – Top 100 Ideas & Inspiration

Black emo person is a person addicted to emo cultures. It is also said to refer to an African-American person who loves emo. Kanye West, Mos Def as well as Dead Prez are of this genre. Although this genre first appeared in Western regions, it is also popular in other regions. As a result, all fans are distinguishable by specific ways of dressing or cutting their hair. This article will show you some inspiring ideas of what is black emo person.

Ideas for an emo man

Emo styles are not just about wearing black from head to toe. There are specific touches that differentiate someone who likes black from someone who is emo. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, you just have to know the basics.

Emo cool et Emo correct

As an emo addict, whether you’re going to a party or just hanging out with friends, you always want to be dressed in emo style. The good news is that you can go for a slightly dressy emo look just as you can go for a casual one.

For cool emo, use a pair of slightly tight jeans with one of your favourite band T-shirts in the warmer weather or you can also add another long-sleeved white T-shirt underneath in the colder weather. It’s both a style and a cover. A black converse or a pair of vans with a coloured belt goes well with this outfit.

For proper emo, pair a fitted jacket with cargo trousers or dickie trousers, all in black. In order to express the proper emo side, you should wear boots and an emo necklace as an accessory. If you are the type of person who likes bracelets, you can also wear a black emo bracelet.

Hair and accessories

For the boys, a fringe is all you need to achieve a true emo look. But before you do, make sure your hair colour is black. As for the length of the fringes, you can opt for long or short fringes. The key is to be able to hide an eye, the perfect embodiment of emo.

A guyliner, an essential accessory for the emo style. For a successful emo look, you mustn’t forget to wear this guyliner. However, you have to know how to distinguish between an emo and a goth. The difference is that the gothic look can sometimes be achieved with a colour other than black, which is dark red. Put on your guyliner and make sure that the eye area is coloured black. To top it all off, use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Putting piercings on your face can also accentuate your look. For this, choose a piece of jewellery for your look.

Inspiring ideas for an emo girl

Not like for boys, an emo look for a female gender is more feasible. Indeed, many ideas revolve around emo fashion for girls. For example, you can use whatever you have at your disposal to dress artistically emo.

A casual emo look

There is no harm in going for the same style as the cool emo look for boys. You can wear skinny jeans with a branded top or T-shirt and also a hoodie. However, to bring out the feminine side, you can achieve another style. For this, choose a short pleated skirt or ra-ra with a ruffle and a plain coloured tank top, this is the basic. With this outfit you should wear long socks and flat converse. Accessorize with bracelets or a necklace decorated with richly coloured beads to show the famous emo look.

A smart look

Even at a time when you need to dress smartly, you can still opt for the previous men’s outfit. Except, you must take into account the following remarks :

  • Instead of a T-shirt, you should wear a white shirt
  • Instead of a converse, opt for a pair of ballet flats

In this way, you will be both intelligent and cheeky.

A more specific touch

This applies especially to hair and make-up. As you already know, fringes mark a unique and special style for emo fans, and this is still true. For both sexes, the difference lies in the colour. For boys, all-black fringes are needed, while for girls, alternating coloured fringes are better. So you can opt for the brighter colours.

As far as make-up is concerned, you probably have to wear eyeliner and piercings. However, using makeup to glimpse an artistic emo style will allow you to express yourself well.

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