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  • Barbed Wire PatchBarbed Wire Patch

    Barbed Wire Patch

  • Bat PatchBat Patch

    Bat Patch

  • Crucifix PatchCrucifix Patch

    Crucifix Patch

  • Cult Patches 666Cult Patches 666

    Cult Patches 666

  • Pentagram PatchPentagram Patch

    Pentagram Patch

  • Skeleton PatchSkeleton Patch

    Skeleton Patch


Our emo patches to customize your outfit easily

This trend will throw any thought of boredom out the window!

Let’s go on a nostalgia trip, shall we? Those carefree days you had as a child. Running around the playground in your favorite dungarees, drawing on walls, and trying to collect every sticker and patch you can get your hands on.

Yes, we’re talking about quirky emo patches. But, hey, there’s an old school trick for anything old school. Search for fabric emo patches and simply stick or stitch them on your clothes and iron on emo patches to immediately give it new life. Tried and tested!

Emo Patches on clothing appear to be the new favorite among trend-setters, ranging from typographic to pop-cultural iconography. The wackier your options are, the wackier your experiments can become. Hipsters and bikers wore them on their denims, and teenagers followed suit. They’ve made a comeback as fashion accessories. Add just few blingy or multicolored emo patches on your basic black shirt if you’re tired of it. It gives your outfit a little extra oomph.

Typography and pop culture patches are trending right now. You can experiment with emo patches in the same way that you can with this \combo. You can mix and match the emo patches on your outfit.

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